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Performance-enhancing, Textured, Ultra Fine, Close-fitting, Flavoured, Latex-free



  • Performance-enhancing

    For performance-enhancing condoms for pleasure which laaaasts - take a look at the Durex Performa range

    Do you simply want to prolong sexual pleasure for a little bit longer?

    These condoms can help you - they contain a small amount of benzocaine, a local anaesthetic, which will help you last longer!

  • Textured

    Textured condoms to maximise pleasure!

    Specially textured to enahnce stimulation for both you and your partner.

  • Ultra fine

    Ultra fine condoms for enhanced intimate pleasure! 

    Durex Elite/Fetherlite are ultra fine to feel like a second skin.

  • Durex Mix

    Durex Mix Pack!

    An exciting assortment of 10 different condom types for you to explore!

  • Close fitting

    Condoms for a tighter fit

    For smaller/narrower sizes, close-fitting condoms are available that will be much more adapted to your unique shape and size.

  • Female condoms

    Female condoms

    Presenting condoms for women.
    Condoms are no longer an exclusively male product!

  • Latex-free for allergy...

    Ideal for those with latex allergies

    Latex-free condoms for your pleasure!

    Presenting Durex Avanti Ultima latex-free condoms.

  • Flavoured

    Coloured and flavoured condoms - strawberry, bannana, apple, chocolate...

    Choose from a selection of flavoured condoms including Durex Tutti Frutti/Select Flavours fruity-flavoured condoms!

  • Gay condoms

    Specially designed condoms aimed at the gay market

  • Préservatifs Grandes...