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Do you want to have a baby? Put all las chances on your side to identify your ovulation period thanks to our ovulation tests.

Then check that you are well pregnant with pregnancy tests!

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    Pre~Seed - Intimate lubricant specially for conception
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    Pre~Seed - Intimate lubricant specially for conception

    • 40g tube + 9 single use applicators
    • Specially for couples who want to become pregnant
    • Respects the mobility of spermatozoa
    • The pH respects the spermatozoon (7.4)
    • Osmolarity of 314mOsm/kg
    • Optimise your chances of having a child
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  • Strip pregnancy tests
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    Strip pregnancy tests

    • Sealed bag, individual wrapping
    • Precise to 99%
    • Sensitivity 10 mIU/mL (the lower the sensitivity, the earlier you can detect pregnancy)
    • Test for Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone - hCG
    • Expiry date: 18 months