LeGastronomeSexy.com also think your intimate hygiene!

Intimate waxing and pubic hair , menstrual pads, your intimate toys disinfection sprays, Pears with enemas ! etc...



  • Hair removal

    Products specialized in l ' the removal of intimate areas.

    Depilatory creams for men and women to l ' hair removal: testes, pubic, anus, penis, etc...

    N ' remember our humps of regrowth after l ' hair removal!

  • Hygienic tampons

    You want to make love but you've got your period?

    Well now you can! Thanks to Gynotex tampons!
    Tampons so you can get naughty even if it's that time of the month!

  • Disinfectants for your Sex...

    Disinfectants for your Sex Toys

    A full range of disinfectants to clean your intimate items: 
    Antifungal, antibacterial, effective against lipophilic viruses - for use on chastity belts, rosebuds, etc...

    They come in sprays, wipes, any which way for impeccable hygiene!

  • Enemas & Bulb Syringes

    Bulb syringes, also called enemas are the perfect solution for complete anal hygiene.

    Whether vaginal or anal, with these pear-shaped enema showers, you'll be able to get a really deep clean!

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