Stimulants & Aphrodisiacs

Explore our range of sexual stimulants

Stimulate your libido and sexual desire.
Improved sexual performance: stimulate erections, energisers, aphrodisiacs, etc.



  • For women

    A complete range of stimulants and aphrodisiacs for women

    Boost your sexual desire, make your nipples hard with orgasmic clitoral gels and pussy creams...

  • For men

    Aphrodisiacs & stimulants for men

    Powerful sexual stimulants and aphrodisiacs for men.

    Boost desire, stimulation, erection and performance!

  • Pheromones

    Sex pheromones:

    Attract the opposite sex playing on secretions natural! Pheromones!

    These secretions primarily in sweat allow increase sexual desire the sex opposite!

    You will find here some human and synthetic pheromones. Spray and gel in order to increase your power of attraction!

  • Poppers
  • Aphrodisiacs Spray & Gels

    All aphrodisiacs in sprays and intimate lubes

    Apply directly on the penis or vagina, or in the throat for blowjobs! These sprays and gels are aphrodisiacs and you exciterons to the highest point! External sexual stimulants!