Parapharmacy - Sexual Stimulants

Explore our range of parapharmacy and sexual stimulant products

Delay sprays for premature ejaculation: sprays, gels, creams etc.
Products for those sensitive to pain or novices: anal anaesthetisers so you can fully indulge in sodomy pain-free.

Everything and anything sperm-related: increase sperm volume,change the odour of your semen, etc.

Of course we also have all the usual protection on offer, like: lubricants, condoms, stimulants and aphrodisiacs, etc.



  • Delay ejaculation

    Prolong intimate pleasure by delaying ejaculation:

    Choose from a wide range of delay sprays, such as Stud 100, Indian God Lotion, Kernergon and many others. These will help to delay ejaculation, especially premature ejaculation by reducing sensitivity in the penis head and shaft.

    Not sure which delay spray to choose?
    Take a look at our 'Ejaculation Delay Spray Guide'

  • Condoms


    Explore the entire Durex range right here and many more!

    Performance-enhancing, Textured, Ultra Fine, Close-fitting, Flavoured, Latex-free

  • Anaesthetising the anus

    Anaesthetising the anus

    Stop waiting and choose to relax or anaesthetise your partner's anus right now to get stuck into some serious anal fun!
    We have a wide range of anal gels, sprays and lubricants available right here - so get relaxing! ;)

  • Enlarge your penis

    Want to enlarge your penis but not sure how?

    Explore our wide range of creams to help you enlagre your member.

    As much in length as in diameter!

  • Increase your sperm volume

    Increase sperm volume and change odour

    Are you looking to increase your ejaculation volume? Well, now you can using one of our sperm volume treatments.
    Or perhaps you would like to change how your cum tastes? See below, to explore the possibilities!

  • Intimate lubricants

    Intimate lubricants

    Classic, warming, flavoured, edible, tingling, refreshing, ice-cube effect - choose from a wide range of intimate lubricants right here.

    Water-based and silicone-based lubes available

  • Stimulants & Aphrodisiacs

    Explore our range of sexual stimulants

    Stimulate your libido and sexual desire.
    Improved sexual performance: stimulate erections, energisers, aphrodisiacs, etc.

  • Beauty & Body Care

    Beauty & Body Care

    Firm your breasts, lift your buttocks, tighten your pussy - a wide range of body care products available to explore!

  • Make a baby

    Do you want to have a baby? Put all las chances on your side to identify your ovulation period thanks to our ovulation tests.

    Then check that you are well pregnant with pregnancy tests!

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