Ladies, sexy LeGastronomeSexy wants to you... and you dress up...

You have your rosebud? Very well!
But be not naked! A woman in sexy lingerie is so much more desirable!
Here you will find all the small nighties & babydolls, sexy costumesdoor-jarrtelles, corsets, ultra chic and sexy.

Nothing cheap or vulgar at LeGastronome! That of porn chic Glamour!



  • Sexy costumes

    Sexy adult costume

    You want to put you on stage, achieve for photo shotting or simply surprised?

    Find here the most sexy costumes:
    Mother sexy Christmas, sexy French maid, nurse sexy, police sexy, sexy schoolgirl and although d ' others!

    We try to select quality costumes, exit the fake quality!

  • Evening dresses - ClubWear...

    Evening dresses

    You get canned? Club partner swapping? Libertine Club? At the restaurant?

    You are going to do an atomic effect!

    Find here the clubwear dresses the sexiest glamour outfits!
    And fantasize all men on your passage.

  • Corsets & Bustiers & corset

    Pretty sexy corsets for you to make wasps ladies sizes!

    Corsets and waist Cinchers all depends how you called!

    With the gourmet soft price for these very seductive corsets

  • Cache plugging - Nippies

    The range of the Cache plugging, also known as Nippies.

    Glues on the tit, to hide the pins of breasts and nipples.

    Ideal in the performance of burlesque striptease, pole-dance.

  • Stockings & garters

    Find all the stockings and tights in this category:

    Lower autofixant, FishNet garter low, low, low couture...
    With or without cause, find your happiness!

    Ideal in addition to costumes and sexy dresses

  • Babydolls and baby

    Babydoll and sexy baby!

    To make the... hot dreams!

    Forget the old pyjamas, a holding of night to pretty dreams!

  • Sexy wigs

    Sexy wigs

    Find here the range of sexy wigs. Perfect for your sexy shows!
    Long hair wigs, short, flashy color: pink, blue, pink!

  • Briefs & Strings

    Briefs & sexy Strings

    Find in this category all panties and sexy strings. Panties open and split, string beads at cheap price!

  • Gloves & collars & accessories

    Gloves & collars & accessories - Lingerie

    Accessories for your sexy costumes, but also to complete your sexy dress guard!

    Gloves, mask, garters, glamorous necklaces...

  • Combinations & Bodys

    Combinations & Bodys

    Combinations in sailing, bodystocking, FishNet, etc...

    The range available!

  • Swimwear

    Bath and Bikini swimwear

    Find a sexy swimwear, bikini and cheap string for your vacation, shooting or relaxing of l ' summer!
    L ' team will find you a swimsuit classes and sexy at prices defying all competition for the summer not expensive!

  • Lingerie & clothing men

    Sexy Lingerie & clothing for men.

    Gourmet Sexy also think of men! Find here sexy lingerie for men: Boxer, T-Shirt, pants.
    And also skirts and sexy Scottish kilts!

  • All Lingerie

    All Lingerie: Bra & panties

    Sets of sexy lingeries: BRA, panties, Panties, Porte-Jartelle!

  • Let's talk about LateX

    All our Latex products priced sacrificed, an opportunity to indulge in a very sexy way

There are no products in this category.