Fun and Sex!

Fun and Sex!

Here you will discover a wealth of unique and interesting products - not to be missed!
There are products to clone your penis, change the colour of your pubic hair, etc....



  • Penis and Vagina Moulding Kits

    Create great gift ideas with our penis and vagina moulding kits:

    Make a vibrating dildo replica of your penis, candles, soap, a glow-in-the-dark dildo, or a chocolate mould of your privates!
    You can have your very own perfect replica of your penis using one of our easy-to-use home moulding kits.
    Vagina moulds also available!

  • Pubic Hair Colouring &...

    Everything you could have ever dreamed of for pubic hair design...

    Often referred to as your lady garden, you will be able to make your garden truly colourful!

    Pubic hair dye, pubic hair stencil kits, your creativity will know no limits! 

    Landing strips (Brazilian), Sweethearts, and there are plenty more stencils to choose from!

  • Venetian Party Masks!

    Looking for a mask to wear to a wild party?

    Are you into Eyes-Wide-Shut-style parties? What about Venetian-style masks?
    Find the perfect mask for all your HOT parties right here!

  • Sexy Gourmet Pleasures

    We don't call it TheSexyGourmet for nothing!

    Everything deliciously and intensely edible is here:
    Candy G-strings, edible lingerie, body spreads, edible panties etc....

  • Massage Candles & Gels

    Scented massage candles are great for 2 things:

    1 Creating a sexy ambiance - candle glow + fragrance-filled room. 

    2. Once lit, the candles make a scented hot oil, perfect for massages!

  • Sexy Temporary Tattoos

    Sexy Temporary Tattoos!

    Ideal accessory for erotic soirées, clubbing and parties in general! Inject a touch of glamour into your outfit.
    These ephemeral tattoos last from 2-5 days, are water-resistant and perfectly safe to use on your skin. 

    Sexual healing is good for you! :)

  • Pole Dancing - Poles &...

    Practice Pole Dancing!

    Whether at home or for professional dancers!

  • Sexy Adult Bookshop

    Sexy Adult Bookshop

    Something for all you saucy little minxes!

    Special guides, pornography and other adult literature... (AVAILABLE IN FRENCH ONLY)