Toys of the gourmet crazy! 

Here not of dildos or Chinese vibrators that stink plastic dashboard.

As the exclusive!

Toys from LELO luxury, machines fun with fucking machine, sex toys masturbators for men Tenga or FleshLight, and dildos belts



  • Masturbators for men

    Masturbators for men, sex toys for men!

    For a solitary, but extreme pleasure!

    Tenga and FleshLight pleasure cans!

  • Anal toys - Rosebud -...

    For your insert Insert toys games!

    Ideal for all your Insert games, sodomies, dilation d ' anus, jewellery d ' anus.

    All for your anus in this category!

  • Fucking Machine

    The Fucking Machine

    Are you tired of granny sextoys? The rabbit or other conventional vibrators?

    Presenting our range of Fucking Machines.

    The sledgehammers of all vibrators. You'll even start wanting someone else to come and help you with these bad boys!

    Sure to make a stiff impact on any humble home!

  • Dildo Belts

    Dildos belts - for shared pleasure!

    For lesbian fun or heterosexual role reversal, our range of Dildo Belts may be adapted with a harness, vibrator, to be handsfree... as to your liking!

  • Penis Extensions

    Penis Extensions:

    Complete range of extensions or extenders to incease your penis size!
    Sheaths and latex or pvc prosthetics to position over your penis and gain an extra size!

  • Wireless Vibrating Eggs

    Wireless Vibrating Eggs

    Remote-control vibrating eggs to pleasure your partner discretely from a distance!

    Also called the Love Egg or Remote-Control Vibrator.

  • Pumps & vacuum

    Pumps and vacuum machines

    Find in this category all the pumps and devices which sucks the penis, the clitoris, the nipple, vagina.

    Do you like make you pumping sex? :)

  • The Big Boys!

    Gargantuan sextoys for the greedy!

    The largest sextoys available, in XXXL.
    Giant dildos for those with an appetite to contend with. ;-)

  • Steel toys

    Steel toys!

    For the more courageous! Cold contact some dildos metal weight You'll feel d ' excitations!

  • Dolls Sextoys & Replicas

    Replicas of inflatable dolls & vagina, anus, breasts etc. ...

    Gonflabes ultra realistic dolls, replicas of vagina, anus, etc. ...

    All to get excited and banged!

  • Kegel and Geisha Balls

    Kegel and Geisha Balls

    Ideal for strengthening your perineum.
    Also known as pelvic floor exercises.

    For sexual stimulation all day long or to do Kegel exercise training.

  • CockRings - Penis Rings

    CockRings - Penis Rings

    Cockrings otherwise known as penis rings help maintain erections and increase penis size.

  • Vibrators

    Vibrators for women - xxx:

    All the vibrators & dildosfor women, classic series, but also series luxury with LELO. Vibrators Electric for naughty women,. vibrating sex toys of all forms, and all materials. Rabbit vaginal or clitoral. Long or short, wide or end... Vibrant or movement of back and forth the range available is here

  • Sex toys for women

    All classic toys for women are here!

    The range of sex toys for women is here, Vibrators, vibrating or comes and goes. Dildos & realistic dildos, point G, clitoral stimulators... all sizes and all materials are available!

  • Prostate stimulators

    All prostate massagers:

    Here you will find all the stimulators & massagers for the zone of prostate : point P (identical to the G-spot for women).

    The biggest brands: Anero, Nexus, NJoy, Lelo... only for purchase of Prostate orgasms

  • Dildos suckers

    Big dildos & toys to suction cups:

    For those who want to have fun only to to smash her pussy with a dildo with suction cup, or for those who want to push it deep in the ass... There is anal god mixed suction!  You can put big dildos XXL by land, they hold alone and allow you a good deep penetration

  • Stimulateur Clitoris