PVC, Leather & Latex Clothing

PVC, leather & latex clothing

A complete S&M and Fetish clothing range in leather, latex, rubber and vinyl.

Choose from a wide selection of stockings, tights, gloves, trousers, tops, undergarments, hoods, body suits otherwise known as catsuits, etc.



  • 100% Pure Original Latex

    100% Genuine Latex

    Fetichistic garments made from 100% latex, that is to say, not PVC, not Vinyl but pure latex for fetish purists!

  • Vinyl Accessories & Lingerie

    PVC & Vinyl lingerie

    Lingerie, undergarments and accessories in glossy vinyl - imitation latex.

  • Latex & Vinyl Maintenance...

    Maintenance products for your leather, latex and vinyl garments

    Give your leather, latex and vinyl items back their shine and glossy allure.

    Wax, talc, etc.

  • Zentai Vinyl Latex Catsuits

    Zentai Catsuits

    Vinyl bodysuits, skin-tight, shiny, styled in latex and spandex.

    If you like that skin-tight look - then these Zentai catsuits are ideal!

  • Vinyl Dresses & Skirts -...

    Vinyl Dresses and Skirts - Glossy Latex-style

    Imitation-latex for gorgeous fetish dresses.

    Made from glossy vinyl!

  • Combinations & 100% Latex...

    Original latex combinations

    All combinations, catsuit zentai 100% latex 0.4 mm thick

  • 100% leather

    Sexy clothes 100% leather

    For fans and leather sexy clothing fetish

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