Gloves & collars & accessories

Gloves & collars & accessories - Lingerie

Accessories for your sexy costumes, but also to complete your sexy dress guard!

Gloves, mask, garters, glamorous necklaces...



  • Sexy gloves

    Sexy gloves

    All kinds of gloves to complete your sexy outfits sexy!

    Gloves: Long, short, mittens, voile, satin, FishNet...

  • Soft sexy handcuffs

    Handcuffed Sexy Soft

    For those that real handcuffs barn!

    Find them here soft bondage sexy handcuffs. To spend a pleasant moment, attach but smooth

  • Necklaces Sexy soft SM

    Necklaces Sexy soft SM

    Necklaces sexy for your erotic & sexy outfits!

    RAS neck style BDSM but very glamorous and soft!

  • Banners & wolves

    Banners & sexy Wolf