Wearing a chastity device

What does weating a chastity belt feel like?

This is often one of the very first questions we get asked by our customers. As the cage essentially adds weight to your penis, the first sensation you will experience is one of weightiness. But nothing painful!

Polycarbonate cage chastity

For men:

The cage will pull your penis downwards. Here again, it is a matter of practice and nothing really to worry about. Some men enjoy this sensation, which you can also get from Ball Stretchers.

For women:

Chastity belts are like large panties, in which movement feels as free as without.

Some men and some women literally feel naked without their chastity devices!

Remember, wearing a chastity cage is a symbol of you having submitted your penis to your mistress or lover. It renders you unable to penetrate or masturbate without their consent!

Is it painful?

You must let your body get used to the chastity device. Do not jump to conclusions.

Remember, your chastity belt or cage is not exactly invisible, so you will feel it and that is totally normal.

The first time you wear it, you may experience some scratching and pinching and you may even need a few days to find the correct adjustment setting for your ring. Some cages come with several rings so that you can really customise them to perfection - don't hold back on really testing these bad boys out!

The best solution for first time wearers is to have a moisturising and restorative cream to hand to help heal any little scatches or irritation caused by your new toy.

Feel free to lubricate any parts that rub with a little neutral lubricant.

Do chastity devices prevent men from getting erections?

NO! They are not prevented, they are restrained!
Effectively, you are not going to be able to have a full on erection with a chastity cage, but you will be able to have small ones.
Erections are not painful when wearing chastity cages.
Chastity cages and belts are there rather to remind you that you belong to your master or misress. They also help you to discover that erogenous zones other than your penis can also be highly pleasurable.

The most important thing is to make sure you satisfy your imprisoner!