Choosing the right ejaculation delay spray or gel.

>> Category: Desensitizing Delay Sprays/Gels for Premature Ejaculation

1. Are you really suffering from premature ejaculation or just looking to last a little longer?

According to this definition of premature ejaculation:
Premature ejaculation is considered to occur if one or other partner ejaculates involuntarily.

If this is the case, then delay sprays will indeed help you, but you will also need to re-educate yourself so as not to become dependent upon delay ejaculation products.

It was for this very purpose that we designed the concept of treatment packs, helping you to fully combat premature ejaculation issues.

Treatment packs consist of a delay spray (of variable strength depending on the pack) and a male masturbator. The Tenga masturbator is essential as it effectively simulates real penetration or fellatio. As such, you will be able to practice various techniques to master your premature ejaculation, whilst varying the dosage of the spray and so "re-educate" yourself.

2. Choosing the right delay spray for you

Here, we have categorised the products according to their varying strengths and caracteristic:

1. Indian God Lotion or SUIFAN KWAN TZE

These are, without question, the most powerful ejaculation delay products. But take care as they may give you a burning or smarting sensation if overindulged! You are advised to proceed with caution.

One is applied as a spray and the other is slightly more precise with the help of a little brush.

However, if you do not really suffer from premature ejaculation, thess may not be the best choice for you.

2. Stud 100 or Not Yet!

Best Sellers due to range of dosage possibilities. Effectively, the more product you apply, the more they desensitize. With these, you should be able to achieve the exact right dosing for your needs. All you need to do is try them out! One added benefit of using the Not Yet! gel is that it also has a fruity scent. On that note, Stud 100 may not have the perfect odour, but it is super effective!

3. Kenergon or CoolMann

Unlike other delay products, Kenergon allows you to retain sensation during intercourse. This means that if you do suffer from premature ejaculation this is not necessarily the best product, but if you are just looking to keep your cool then this could be the perfect solution!

4. Pjur Superhero

The mildest of the delay products - Pjur Superhero is odourless and has a gentle desensitizing action. Ideal for those just looking for a boost.