Instructions on how to use ejaculation delay sprays, lotions and creams.


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So, you've used our guide to help you choose the right spray for you?
You've also bought and received the spray. But now how should you use it?

It couldn't be simpler! Whatever the spray in question, whether it is Stud 100, Indian God LotionKenergon, etc. - all our sprays are used in the same way and have the same precautions.

  1. Wash your penis shaft and head so that the desensitizing active ingredient can be applied to clean skin.
  2. Spray the product evenly over your penis shaft and head.
  3. The amount you need to spray or apply will depend on your sensitivity and how much you suffer from premature ejaculation. See the guide "Choosing the right ejaculation delay spray or gel "for more information.
  4. Leave for a few minutes; anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your needs.
  5. Rinse thoroughly if not using condoms. If you do not rinse, you risk anaesthetising your partner!
  6. If using with condoms, there is no need to rinse and this will enable you to retain the anaesthetising effects for longer, thus prolonging sexual pleasure and your eventual climax.
  7. Wash thoroughly after intercourse to ensure that the active ingredient has been completely removed.

Take care when using premature ejculation delay products containing active ingredients like Benzocaine, Lidocaine, etc.
Adhere to the recommended doses and seek medical attention if you experience an adverse reaction.