Chastity Belts for Women

There may be a multitude of female chastity belts to choose from, but their goal is the same - to render the wearer totally submissive to their master, to frustrate them, excite them and protect them from temptation. Today, the chastity belt is regarded as a serious S&M sextoy, in the same league as the rosebud for example. It plays a fundamental role in the fantasies of modern sexuality.

Instructions for wearing your chastity belt:

All you need to do is position it correctly.
Once the chastity belt has been positioned, just adjust to the appropriate setting and lock with a padlock.
While some chastity belts may have more adjustment settings than others, you can be sure that your wearer will not be able to escape without the key to the padlock.
There are also models which come with integrated straps that can be secured around the thighs and waist to prevent any kind of wriggling about and thus any potential penetration or masturbation; something that a simple chastity belt will not really be able to stop...

Chastity belts can be adapted to fit any shape or size.

Amongst the various female chastity belt models available, you will also find belts equipped with holes for urinating and defacating. These models enable the chastity belt to be worn for extended periods, unlike those only equipped with a hole for urinating, which can only really be useful for very punctual sex games!

The majority of belts are made using leather, neoprene rubber and stainless steel.
As such, you will be able to shower and bathe worry-free. All you need to do is spray a little disinfectant onto the chastity belt to ensure perfect hygiene. 
Whatever the chastity belt model, you should also be able to move about normally and without difficulty. With curved back straps that mould perfectly to the buttocks, belts may even appear invisible when worn under clothing.

Chastity Belt models with additional accessories

Certain models may also come complete with a detachable crotch protection and padlock, or even two padlocks. Others have the option to strategically position a detachable dildo for games of a more sensual nature. This latter accessory may also be padlocked onto the chastity belt, meaning that only the holder of the keys may remove it.