The Submission Collar

The Submission Collar is an essential S&M accessory in erotic domination and submission games for couples. The Submission or Domination Collar, as it is sometimes called, is in fact not dissimilar to the collars worn by slaves and constitutes the very symbol of submission, loyalty and belonging.

The Submission Collar symbolizes a bond of complicity

The Domination Collar is symbolic of many things. Once the collar has been firmly secured around the neck of the submissive, it sends a message to their partner, indicating that they are ready and availble for erotic play. The Submission Collar is also a way of showing that there is a strong bond between the submissive and their master. In this instance, the submission collar might be more discreet so that the submissive may wear it continually.

The different Bondage Submission Collars

There are, of course, many types of Submission Collars, from the satin choker to the leather neck brace, not forgetting to mention steel collars.

Each style of collar suggests a different kind of erotic game.

Depending on the type of material used to make the collar, some of the collar designs are also wonderfully imaginative.

You can buy metal Submission Collars for example. This type of collar is deisgned with an intelligent clasp to facilitate its wear. It is also often equipped with a locking system that can accomodate a padlock. Around the collar, you might like to attach several rings so that you can experiment with a few different S&M and Bondage games.

Metal Submission Collar

You can also buy adjustable Submission Collars made from latex. These often come pre-equipped with several rings so that you already have several attachment/anchorage points to choose from for your S&M games. The buckle fastener may also be padlocked on these models.

But the most popular S&M and Domination Collars are still made of leather! Often with a buckle to accomodate a leash:

Leather Domination Collar

Accessories for Submission Collars

All these various Submission Collar types may also come equipped with metal spikes and rings.

Spiked Collar

Some S&M collars even come with a message inlaid into the very collar itself.

Leather "Fuck Me" Collar

This message may be indicative of status, type of submission, etc.

Some Submission Collars may also come pre-equipped with chains and handcuffs to the extremities, or pliers. While others have the option to be embellished with accessories like bells for example.