S&M, Bondage and Fetish Hoods

In S&M role play games, the Submission Hood is a key accessory.
The Submission Hood is an effective way of subjugating your submissive, by covering their face.

The S&M Hood will in fact completely cover your submissive's head making for a great Fetish accessory.

The hood may be made of either latex or leather.

Hood with detachable S&M muzzle

Some hoods may come with holes for the eyes, mouth and nose, while others have the option for detachable  openings or closures.

S&M Spandex Hood

There are also leather hood models that come with muzzles which may be sealed using zip fasteners. For this particular model, the muzzle is also detachable.

S&M Leather Hood with detachable mask and muzzle

Most hoods also come equipped with a fastening at the back of the head and an option for padlocking. Hoods designed specifically for S&M games will also come equipped with a bondage ring.

Leather hoods are made exclusively in leather.

Lace-ups mean that these S&M Hoods may be adapted to fit any size of head.

You can also buy full face hoods with detachable sections to adjust the level of submission to your wishes.
You might for example choose to mask your submissive's eyes or decide they need to be muzzled.

Most importantly, these kinds of hoods enable you to completely isolate your submissive from the world around them or at least partially if you prefer.

Full Face Leather Hood for S&M and Submission

There is also the full face hood in reinforced leather, which combines hood and harness.

Being made of reinforced leather means that your submissive's head will be better protected in case of shock. Note: this type of hood is designed for advanced bondage practitioners.

Being isolated from the world around them will heighten any feelings of anxiety and fear in your submissive.

The straps forming the mask may also be locked using a padlock.
This particular hood model comes furthermore equipped with rings - one at the level of the neck and the other on top of the head.

Perforations around the nose enable the submissive to breathe freely, and independently of the optional orifices.

S&M Dog Head HoodFor "Puppy" submission games, there is also the Dog Head Hood!


All hoods are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.