Guide: masturbators for men

The male masturbator can occur in various forms!

To obtain still closest sensations of reality and more pleasures, manufacturers sextoys are showing great creativity and ingenuity. There are the masturbators in the form of cans and replicas of one or more parts of the body.


A very special bobbin

FleshLight Katsuni

The masturbators in the form of cans of soda are very original and very discrete. The end of the toys in the form of cans is changeable, depending on your desires.

Cans that have one end in the shape of mouth simulate oral sex, those with one end shaped vagina or anus provide the pleasure of vaginal or anal penetration. There for everyone, even the less common.


For example,. the "Fleshlight Alien" masturbator will give you the feeling of making love avec an alien.

The Flesh Light brand offers vibrating models and other models that are the perfect reproduction of the vagina, mouth and anus of several porn actresses famous as Katsuni, Lisa Ann, Jenna Haze, etc.


Masturbateur Vulcan

The Vulcan masturbatoris more realistic in sensations. It is easy to clean, it washes with water.

In addition, a wide range of ports is available. These vibrating masturbators are available in several sizes.





Logo Masturbateur Tenga

The Tenga brandShe offers several models. The masturbatortop of the range "Tenga Flip Hole.Besides being washable, is equipped with three buttons which allow you to experience three different sensations. The inner texture of this male sextoy has been studied to provide the most possible fun for its user.


«Tenga egg» masturbators are also worth a visit for their discretion, their simplicity, their design and the fact that they fit all sizes of penis.


A replica for more pleasure

Vagin artificiel buste de femmeIf you are looking to go even further in realism and fun, There is a replica of the vagina, bust or butt.

For example with the "Titty Fuck Her" masturbator, you can taste the joys of a tit with the chest ofthe replica. In addition, this model also offers a vagina. Free for you to enjoy your toy making him love and kneading her breasts. There are other models that are a reflection of your wildest fantasies such as the masturbator "Double D" which is the complete reproduction of the body of a woman with a strong chest.