New Reduced price! Mix pack of condoms - 25 sorts Durex & Pasante View larger

Mix pack of condoms - 25 sorts Durex & Pasante


Mix pack of Durex & Pasante condoms

  • Mix of CE condoms
  • Brands: Durex & Pasante
  • Big, Wide, Delay, Strawberry
    Narrow, Phosphoresent, Heating, Textured
  • 25 different kinds!


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Mix pack pf Durex & Pasante condoms - 25 different sorts


Durex : Durex is a brand of condoms produced by the SSL international plc group, a company founded in 1999 by the merger between Seton Scholl Healthcare plc and the London International Group plc.


Pasante : Pasante was founded in the year 2000 and is now the biggest selling brand of condoms in the UK. Passante condoms are also very popular in Sweden and other European countries. The growth in sales of these condoms has been very rapid and the number of Passante condoms has increased to more than 22 models.


Here is the list from the 50 pack :


  1. 2 x Durex Extra Safe : Slightly thicker and extra lubricated. For maximum protection. Do you want better protection and peace of mind without sacrificing comfort?
  2. 2 x Durex Elite : Durex Elite condoms are very fine and extra lubricated for maximum sensuality.
  3. 2 x Durex Pleasuremax : Durex Pleasuremax condoms are specially designed to procure maximum pleasure for both partners. They have micro pearls and veins.
  4. 2 x Pasante Extra Safe : Thicker and more lubricated, Pasante Extra Safe condoms offer optimal protection.
  5. 2 x Pasante Naturelle : Pasante Naturelle follows the contours of your body to ensure a comfortable fit and good sensitivity;
  6. 2 x Pasante Trim : Pasante Trim condoms, for penises that require a narrow fit.
  7. 2 x Pasante Regular : Comfort and finesse, the standard Pasante condom.
  8. 2 x Pasante Xtra Sensitive : Pasante Xtra Sensitive is 25% finer that traditional latex condoms and offers exceptional sensations without compromising on safety.
  9. 2 x Pasante Ribbed : A condom that is ribbed along its length for your partner's pleasure.
  10. 2 x Pasante Dotted : Dotted along the length to stimulate both partners.
  11. 2 x Pasante Ribs&Dots : Dotted and ribbed for pleasure for both partners.
  12. 2 x Pasante Cooling : Fresh cooling condoms
  13. 2 x Pasante Warming : Heated condoms
  14. 2 x Pasante Large :  The large sized condom by Pasante.
  15. 2 x Pasante King Size : Longer and most of all wider : 60mm, for the outsize penis.
  16. 2 x Pasante Delay : The Pasante Delay condom contains a local anaesthetic with a concentrated 1% lidocaine base to delay pleasure and transform men into Supermen in the bedroom. Don't tell your partners and they will think you're amazing!
  17. 2 x Pasante Glow : Slip on a phosphorescent condom and wave your laser !
  18. 2 x Pasante Tropical : 3 tropical aromas that are irresistible! Mango Pineapple Coconut!
  19. 2 x Pasante Flavours : 4 fruity flavours for oral pleasure: strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, mint
  20. 2x Pasante Mint : Condom for oral sex: Minty taste!
  21. 2x Pasante Strawberry : Condom for oral sex: Strawberry taste! 
  22. 2x Pasante Fizzy Cola : Condom for oral sex: Cola taste
  23. 2x Pasante Chocolate : Condom for oral sex: Chocolate taste
  24. 2x Pasante Blueberry: Condom for oral sex: Blueberry taste
  25. 2x Pasante Bubblegum : Condom for oral sex: Bubblegum taste

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Mix pack of condoms - 25 sorts Durex & Pasante

Mix pack of condoms - 25 sorts Durex & Pasante


Mix pack of Durex & Pasante condoms

  • Mix of CE condoms
  • Brands: Durex & Pasante
  • Big, Wide, Delay, Strawberry
    Narrow, Phosphoresent, Heating, Textured
  • 25 different kinds!


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