Terpan Femidom - pack of 3 female condoms

Terpan Femidom - pack of 3 female condoms

  • Latex-free for allergy prevention
  • Provides the same protection as a male condom

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In a nutshell:

Terpan Femidom - pack of 3 female condoms

What is Femidom?

Femidom is the first female condom to go on the market.
It is manufactured by the Female Health Company (FHC) and certified with impeccable quality standards; FDA-approved (U.S.) and certified to European standards (CE) since 1998.
They are just as effective as male condoms and protect against STDs, HIV and other human papillomaviruses.

How do they work?

Femidom are inserted into the vagina and provide protection during sexual intercourse.

How should I use Femidom?

Femidom should be inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse.

  1. Get into a comfortable position: sit, lie down, or squat.
  2. Carefully remove the condom from its packaging.
  3. Making sure that the inner ring is at the bottom of the condom, hold Femidom by this ring by pressing it in between your thumb and forefinger.
  4. Without releasing, insert the ring into the vagina and push it in as far as it will go.
  5. Then place the index finger inside the condom and insert it fully into the vagina by pushing up into this inner ring.
  6. Please note that the outer ring should be visible outside the vagina once the Femidom is in position, although this is almost invisible being pressed against the skin.

Warnings/Side Effects:

There are no side effects to using Femidom as the condoms are made from polyurethane rather than latex - this prevents allergies.
Femidom is not noisy to use.
Femidom will not be felt by your partner, and will not constrict the penis. 

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Terpan Femidom - pack of 3 female condoms

Terpan Femidom - pack of 3 female condoms

Terpan Femidom - pack of 3 female condoms

  • Latex-free for allergy prevention
  • Provides the same protection as a male condom