Durex Play Warming Lube

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Durex Play Warming Lube

  • Hygienic pump bottle
  • Water based
  • Safe to use with condoms

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In a nutshell:

  • Warming effect
  • 50ml/0.5 fl. oz pump bottle
  • Water based

What is Durex Play Warming?

Durex Play Warming is a lubricant from the Durex range of warming products.

How should I use Durex Play Warming?

Simply massage your partner gently using the gel. You may even wish to blow on the gel as this will enhance the warming effect.

Warning/Side Effects:

Durex Play Warming is an intimate gel with no known side effects.
It is edible, odourless and safe to use with condoms.


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a clean place away from sunlight.


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Durex Play Warming Lube

Durex Play Warming Lube

Durex Play Warming Lube

  • Hygienic pump bottle
  • Water based
  • Safe to use with condoms

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